Groups over 10 persons

ryhmat kattaus sirmakko


Tapas of Sirmakko   10,90 €

Fresh salad   7,90 €

Vegetable soup  11,90 €

Main course

Traditional sautéed reindeer  22,90 €
      - Mashed potatoes and lingonberries

Reindeer soup 15,90 €

Salmon soup   14,90 €

Mushroom soup  14,90 €
Smoked reindeer casserole  15,90 €

Oven baked salmon
-    mashed potatoes, fresh salad and remoulade  19,90 €

Reindeer-vegetable sauce, mashed potatoes and lingonberry 19,90 €

All meals include: bread, spread and water

Tasty soup- and salad buffet    15,90 €


Pannacotta with cloudberries  8,90

Waffle with jam  6,90

Maija grannys Lappish sweet bread and coffee 5,90

Chocolate cheese cake with vanilla ice-cream  9,90                

Min 10 persons / meal

Bookings and confirmations, cancellations

Booking requests always by E-mail.

Pre-bookings are valid for a set period. Booking is confirmed when invoice has been paid.

Changes made later will be charged by number of persons.

Cancellations must be made by e-mail 3 days before original reservation.

Special dietary requirements please book when ordering.