ainutlaatuista poronlihaa sirmakkoUNIQUE REINDEER MEAT

Reindeer meat is one of the few meat sold in the shop, which are derived from an animal in the wild. This special, naturally tender and healthy meat were granted in 2009, the EU's Protected Designation of Origin.


Reindeer acquires food mainly from the nature. Reindeer diet contains more than 350 different plants. Because Lapland has so short summer you have to be quick and efficient; reindeer antlers grow 2 cm per day. During the summer reindeer can eat even 25 kilos of birch leaves. When autumn comes it will become sturdy by eating mushrooms. Reindeer special abilities include lichen carbohydrate utilization in winter, when other food is not available.


Reindeer meat is suitable for those who are interested in the welfare of animals, people who watch their weight and for most of the grain-allergy suffers. From reindeer meat you get more minerals and trace elements than other commonly used meat. There is all B-group vitamins. Reindeers fat lows down your bad cholesterol LDL.


Lapland reindeer meat has also been recognized at the EU level high-quality and traditional product. Lapland reindeer meat was added to the Commission Regulation among the products with protected designation of origin (PDO). Marking may be reindeer meat, which is produced in the Finnish reindeer husbandry area born and reared reindeer. The subscription requires that reindeer meat is cut and packaged in the Finnish reindeer husbandry area.

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